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2023 Course Schedule
What makes Bodylove Academy different?
Bodylove Academy is unique in its blend of theory and practical learning. All of our full-length courses are comprised of in-person weekend workshops or intensives. This enables you to complete a lot of your studies in your own time. During the in-person workshops, there is a big focus on putting theory into practice with plenty of opportunities to practice teaching your new craft to your peers. These courses are grounded in anatomy and our aim is for you to graduate with a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of movement when translated to exercise.
Where is Bodylove Academy located?
Bodylove Academy is run from our Penthouse studio. The Bodylove Penthouse is located at 222 Clarence St - Level 8 Sydney, 2000.
How do the courses run?
To receive your Mat or Reformer Pilates Certification you will complete a series of online learning modules as well as attending 5-weekend workshops for the Mat Certification and 4-weekend workshops for the Reformer Certification. There is also the opportunity to complete the in-person workshops in an intensive format that will run Thurs-Sun over 2-weekends.
Do I need any qualifications or experience to enroll for the Mat Certification?
No. We will go through all the theory and practical aspects you need know to become a qualified Mat Pilates Instructor throughout the course. We also complete a thorough deep dive into anatomy theory and practical application in an exercise setting.
Do I need any qualifications or experience to complete the Reformer Pilates Certification?
Yes. To receive your Reformer Pilates Certification you will need to have completed your Mat Pilates Certification either with Bodylove Academy or another Fitness Australia or ESSA Accredited fitness provider. However, we can be flexible with the order of your certification on a case by case basis - allowing you to attend Reformer first, on the provisor that you will need to do your mat training at some stage.
Can I enrol in the Reformer Course before I have completed my Mat Pilates training?
Yes. While you cannot receive your Reformer Certification prior to completing your Mat Certification, you can complete the online study and attend the in person workshops.
Are Practice Teaching or Observation Hours Required?
Yes. For both the Mat and Reformer Certifications you will be required to complete 25-participation hours, 25-observation hours and 20-practice teaching hours. These are to be logged and submitted prior to your final exam.
Can I complete my observation and participation hours with in Bodylove classes?
Yes. We offer a 10% discount for 3 months on our full-priced Unlimited Membership to all Bodylove Academy students completing their Mat or Pilates Certification with us. You can book into classes to participate and observe as an Unlimited Member.
Can I complete my observation and participation hours online?
Yes. You can take advantage of the many online studios to complete your participation and observation hours. We recommend that if you are choosing to do the majority of your hours online that you mix it up with in person class participation and observation also, especially if you are looking to become a group class teacher.
How do I complete my practice teaching hours?
We recommend that you practice your teaching on friends and family. It can also be helpful to record your teaching and play it back to hear how your cues sound from a client perspective.
How do I get my certificate?
To receive your Mat or Reformer Pilates Certificate you will need to complete the following: Complete all online modules and assessments Attend all in person workshops Log 25 Participation Hours Log 25 Observation Hours Log 20 Practice Teaching Hours Pass Final Theory Exam Pass Final Practical Exam
What can I expect from the online Anatomy Course?
The online Anatomy Course is designed to be a clear and concise introduction to the world of anatomy. No unnecessary fluff! We cover anatomical terminology, bones, joints, muscles and how they all come together to produce biomechanical movement.
Do I need to have an existing knowledge of anatomy before taking this course?
No. This course is designed to take you from the very basic concepts and build on that foundation of knowledge as you progress through the modules.
What’s included?
You will receive unlimited access to the full anatomy video library, a 90+ page workbook that is designed to be used in collaboration with the video library and the opportunity to sit a final exam to receive your completion certificate.
Can I take a peek inside the course before I decide?
Absolutely! you are welcome to read the full course description and preview one of our videos here. https://bodylove-academy.teachable.com/p/anatomy-course
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