Reformer Pilates Instructor Course

2024 Course Schedule
Course Outline
Reformer Course
Module 1:
Reformer instruction and safety
Anatomy refresher
Warm-up exercises
Core exercises
Practice Teaching

Module 2:
Spine Exercises
Chest & Arm Exercises
Upper Back & Shoulders Exercises
Injuries: Spine, Neck & Shoulder
Practice Teaching

Module 3: The Hip
Lower Body Exercises
Injuries: Hip, Pelvis and Knee
Practice Teaching
Class Planning and Structure

Module 4:
Jump-board Exercises
Stretching and Cool-down Exercises
Pre/Postnatal Modifications

In addition to participation in the face-to-face learning you will also be required to complete the following:

25 Observation Hours
25 Participation Hours
20 Practice Teaching Hours
Theory Assessment
Practical Assessment

Note: Once your registration for the course has been accepted you may begin logging your participation hours.
From $2,700
Regular Course Price: $2,890
Early Bird (if applicable) $2,700
This pricing includes all materials required for the courses including hard copies and postage of the following:
– Bodylove Reformer Pilates Manual
Does not include final exam cost of $120 to be booked with a master trainer following course completion.

*T&Cs Apply please consult our FAQ page for more details.
Autumn: May 3 - June 2, 2024
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